Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurveda or Indian Natural Medicine uses herbal infused oil, powders, decoctions, balms, emulsions and cream using different external massage techniques to give better result for neurological, muscular, ortho rehabilitation.  Apart from Massage using the hands, luke warm oils are also soaked in cotton and applied to get dual benefit of heat and infused herbal oil.  The other modalities used along with massage are use of decoction of herbs which is heated and poured on to the affected area.  There is also a hot and cold therapy massage with herbs which works on the proprioceptive receptors and stimulates the neurological rehabilitation.

Rajesh Ramnath, Ayurvedic practitioner has over 18 years of experience in Ayurvedic medicine practice integrating yoga and nutritional therapy for lifestyle changes. Rajesh is an Ayurveda doctor from the University of Calicut, India. He also pursued his Master’s degree in Yoga from India, Master of Science in Cardiovascular Rehabilitation from the University of Liverpool, Master of Science in Health Services research & Epidemiology from Cornell University, and is also Canadian Yoga Association -E-Registered Yoga Therapist GOLD, Canadian Yoga Association- AYURVEDA accreditation. Rajesh teaches internationally, lectures at Conferences, writes articles for difference publications, and has been featured on BBC documentary (The Real Marigold Hotel) and worked at PS mission hospital as Ayurvedic Physician and Research Lead.