It is a small non-invasive, Bluetooth enabled Gait Analysis system that is inserted into a specially designed belt. This device helps the therapist assess and diagnose any walking irregularities.

The therapist would ask of the client to wear the belt and perform some exercises. These exercises may consist of walking, squatting, running or jumping. While the client performs these exercises, a real time report is being generated. The therapist then will be able to utilize this report to help diagnose any dysfunctions or irregularities.

As treatments continue, the therapist would use new G-walk reports to look for progress made.

This device can also record digital video of the patient walking simultaneously, while the data is actually being collected.

This is beneficial in that, the combined video and data, allow the clinician to see and compare real time, comparative data, that helps analyse the progress made by the patient over time.


FREEEMG is a 4G technology device for surface electromyography (EMG) analysis. It is a non-invasive way to measure muscle activity. Electrodes would be placed on groups of muscles on the client by the therapist. Each movement made by the client would send a real time report of the muscle activity to the computer. The therapist could utilize the report to diagnose if there are any irregularities such as an inactive muscle and treat that.

The high speed 2.0 advanced footscan system

The footscan system is a pressure plate and program that can get an accurate reading of the pressure put on the ground by the client. A real time report will be sent to the computer, which the therapist can use to diagnose any balance issues, irregular walking patterns and any other dysfunctions.

The Running Clinic

We are happy to announce that our Physiotherapist, Joseph Chacko is now certified by The Running Clinic after completing the course. We are now much better equipped to do running assessments and assist our clients with treating and preventing running injuries.