Xissy is a highly skilled and accomplished practitioner with a comprehensive background in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She possesses a distinguished Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner from Humber College in Toronto, Ontario, along with a distinguished BSc in Psychology. Her expertise extends to various modalities, including acupuncture, cupping, and tuina (Chinese acupressure massage). Throughout her career, Xissy has garnered extensive experience working in esteemed healthcare facilities, such as Eastern Healing Center in Winnipeg, MB, Northern Hospital in Liaoning, China, Tzu Chi TCM Clinic, and Renascent Center mens’ addiction center in Toronto. Notably, her focus lies in addressing psychosomatic disorders and relieving musculoskeletal tensions and pain resulting from stress. During her formative years, Xissy completed an enriching internship at Baptist University in Hong Kong and underwent mentorship under the tutelage of the renowned bone setting acupuncturist from China, Dr. Duan. This exposure further enriched her understanding of the profound potential of acupuncture and bodywork in healing a diverse array of illnesses across various age groups. Drawing on the fundamental principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Xissy is deeply committed to the holistic connection between mind, body, and spirit. She is dedicated to supporting clients in achieving their wellness objectives, whether it involves managing insomnia, anxiety, weight-related concerns, chronic pain, muscle strain, or gastrointestinal discomfort. Xissy’s genuine passion for healthcare shines through in her work with individuals from diverse backgrounds, as she diligently seeks to identify the root causes of health conditions to facilitate healing and restore balance. If you seek a steadfast ally on your journey to health and wellness, Xissy is eager to join forces with you.