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At Belleville’s Revive Physio Care, we empower you to take control of your recovery. Our holistic team approach is designed to assist you in conquering the most significant challenges that hinder a pain-free rehabilitation and optimal performance.

  1. Alleviating aches, pain, and discomfort.
  2. Restoring mobility and agility to overcome limitations.
  3. Building solid foundations for comprehensive full-body  movement training.
  4. Enhancing stamina to unlock your maximum performance potential.
How Does Neuro -Rehabilitation Helps You ?

Neurorehabilitation is a specialized branch of medicine focused on helping individuals recover and regain function after neurological injuries or disorders. It involves a multidisciplinary approach that may include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and other interventions tailored to the specific needs of each patient. The goal of neurorehabilitation is to improve physical, cognitive, and emotional functioning, maximize independence, and enhance overall quality of life for individuals with neurological conditions.

The Right Treatments for You
NIRVANA : NIRVANA is a medical device that uses immersive virtual reality techniques for motor and cognitive neuro-rehabilitation of patients of any age (children, adults, elderly) with neurological disorders such as stroke, cerebral palsy, Parkinson, autism. NIRVANA creates a ‘sensory room’ where the patient can live
an immersive, stimulating experience in various realistic scenarios.

It allows you to make the patient’s rehabilitation process more effective by involving the subject in a stimulating experience. Exercises can be edited in real time and adapted to the specific patient’s abilities.
The system creates different scenarios on walls or floors and the patient interacts with the provided stimuli. A motion analysis device detects the patient’s behaviour and adjusts the projected environment, providing strongly stimulating and rehabilitative audio/visual feedback, with a full immersion of the whole body. The system is preconfigured with a set of exercises that can be customized in terms of difficulty level, execution speed, and
sensitive area, for the various categories of patients. By using this system, more patients will be rehabilitated
simultaneously and under the supervision of a single therapist.


Bioness L300 Go: The L300 Foot Drop System utilizes adaptive wireless technology that senses when a patient’s foot is on or off the ground and automatically adjusts to changes in walking speed and surfaces.

  • Leg cuff produces an electrical current to activate and contract specific leg muscles
  • Stimulates the appropriate nerves and muscles of the leg to override the misfiring electrical signals from the brain.

The system applies Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) in a precise sequence, which then activates the muscles to enable foot dorsiflexion and accelerate motor recovery. The result may be a more normal gait pattern combined with enhanced stability and confidence.1

L300 Foot Drop System Components:

  1. Comfortable, Lightweight L300 Functional Stimulation (FS) Cuff

The leg cuff is a small, light-weight device that fits just below the knee and supports consistent electrode placement for stimulation.

  1. Innovative Intelli-Sense Gait Sensor

The gait sensor attaches to the shoe to detect “heel on” and “heel off” positions. The Gait Sensor uses adaptive algorithms to communicate with the system and help patients navigate uneven surfaces, changes in elevation and walking speeds.

  1. Wireless, Portable Control Unit
    The hand-held remote is used to turn the system on and off, select operating modes and fine-tune stimulation settings.

The Control Unit also interfaces with the Clinician’s Programmer, enabling you to set stimulation parameters, make adjustments that are automatically stored in the patient’s records, track gait history and monitor patient compliance


Saebo:Task-specific training improves upper extremity function in individuals suffering from neurological injuries. However, treatment options are limited for neurological clients who cannot effectively incorporate their hand for functional grasp and release/prehension activities.

The vast majority of stroke survivors, head injury and incomplete spinal cord injury patients do not exhibit sufficient active wrist and/or finger extension to allow the hand to be functional. The SaeboFlex has the biomechanical advantage in allowing prehension /grasp and release activities for individuals with moderate to severe hemiparesis.

We carry various sabeo products including SabeoMas to assist you for your rehabilitation

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The Persevering Journey Towards Self-Enhancement

Our fundamental principle revolves around a functional framework. This approach focuses on rectifying and enhancing basic movement patterns before advancing strength, power, endurance, speed, and technical abilities. By doing so, we aim to prevent injuries caused by compensatory movements.

By identifying flawed movement patterns, a more comprehensive recovery can be achieved, leading to enhanced injury prevention.


By accurately retraining movement patterns, a solid groundwork is established to effectively enhance athletic performance.
By optimizing the execution of your activities, you can achieve greater efficiency and yield superior results both in the gym and during direct physical engagements.
How It Works
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Collaborative Teamwork
Embarking on the journey requires the guidance of an experienced team.
At Revive Physio Care, we adopt a holistic team approach to assist individuals throughout their path from recovery to achieving optimal outcomes. We strive to provide a deep understanding of the underlying causes of any issues, create tailored plans for resolution, and motivate individuals to surpass their previous limits.

Our clients are our primary focus, and their empowerment is at the core of our endeavors. We are dedicated to helping them reach their highest potential, enabling them to overcome obstacles and lead enriched lives both in their athletic pursuits and beyond.

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