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At Belleville’s Revive Physio Care, we empower you to take control of your recovery. Our holistic team approach is designed to assist you in conquering the most significant challenges that hinder a pain-free rehabilitation and optimal performance.

  1. Alleviating aches, pain, and discomfort.
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How Does Concussion Treatment and Rehabilitation Help?
 A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury that disrupts the normal functioning of the brain. It occurs due to a blow to the head, a sudden movement of the head, or a forceful impact to the body that causes the brain to shake within the skull. Symptoms can range from physical manifestations like headache and dizziness to cognitive and emotional changes such as confusion, memory difficulties, irritability, and mood swings. It is important to seek medical attention and follow proper protocols for diagnosis, management, and recovery to ensure the best possible outcome for individuals who have experienced a concussion.
The Right Treatments for You

Complete Concussions Treatment (CCT) is a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to concussion management that differs from other concussion treatments in several ways.

  1. CCT takes a multidisciplinary approach, involving a team of healthcare professionals with specialized training in concussion management. This team may include medical doctors, physiotherapists in Belleville, neuropsychologists, and other experts who collaborate to provide a holistic approach to treatment.
  2.  CCT emphasizes individualized care. Each patient undergoes a thorough assessment to determine their specific symptoms, impairments, and functional limitations. Treatment plans are then tailored to address their unique needs, considering factors such as age, gender, activity level, and pre-existing conditions.
  3.  CCT focuses on active rehabilitation. Rather than simply recommending rest, it incorporates targeted exercises and therapies to promote recovery and restore function. These may include physical rehabilitation exercises, vestibular rehabilitation, vision therapy, cognitive training, and gradual return-to-play protocols for athletes.
  4.  CCT places a strong emphasis on education and patient empowerment. It aims to educate patients and their families about concussion symptoms, management strategies, and potential long-term implications. By empowering patients with knowledge and self-management skills, they become active participants in their own recovery.

Overall, Complete Concussions Treatment stands out for its multidisciplinary approach, individualized care, active rehabilitation, and emphasis on education. These factors contribute to a more comprehensive and effective treatment experience for individuals recovering from concussions.


Baseline testing, conducted by Complete Concussions, refers to a series of pre-injury assessments that establish an individual’s normal cognitive and physical functioning before a concussion occurs. It involves a combination of neurocognitive tests, balance assessments, and symptom evaluations. This baseline data serves as a reference point for comparison in the event of a subsequent concussion, aiding in more accurate diagnosis and individualized treatment planning.

Neurocognitive testing typically involves computer-based assessments that evaluate cognitive functions such as memory, attention, processing speed, and reaction time. Balance assessments assess an individual’s stability and postural control, often using specialized equipment or protocols. Symptom evaluations involve documenting any pre-existing symptoms or conditions that may influence the interpretation of post-concussion symptoms.

By establishing a baseline, healthcare providers can compare post-injury test results with the individual’s pre-injury performance. This comparison helps in identifying cognitive and physical changes associated with the concussion, guiding the management and return-to-play decisions.

Baseline testing is especially important for athletes involved in contact sports, as it allows for a more informed decision-making process when determining readiness to return to play. It can also be useful for individuals in occupations or activities with a higher risk of concussion.

Complete Concussions utilizes advanced testing protocols and technologies to conduct thorough baseline assessments, providing valuable data that enhances concussion management and promotes safer and more personalized care.

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The Persevering Journey Towards Self-Enhancement

Our fundamental principle revolves around a functional framework. This approach focuses on rectifying and enhancing basic movement patterns before advancing strength, power, endurance, speed, and technical abilities. By doing so, we aim to prevent injuries caused by compensatory movements.

By identifying flawed movement patterns, a more comprehensive recovery can be achieved, leading to enhanced injury prevention.


By accurately retraining movement patterns, a solid groundwork is established to effectively enhance athletic performance.
By optimizing the execution of your activities, you can achieve greater efficiency and yield superior results both in the gym and during direct physical engagements.
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At Revive Physio Care, we adopt a holistic team approach to assist individuals throughout their path from recovery to achieving optimal outcomes. We strive to provide a deep understanding of the underlying causes of any issues, create tailored plans for resolution, and motivate individuals to surpass their previous limits.

Our clients are our primary focus, and their empowerment is at the core of our endeavors. We are dedicated to helping them reach their highest potential, enabling them to overcome obstacles and lead enriched lives both in their athletic pursuits and beyond.

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