What is it?

Revive Physio Care has a state of the art Neuro Rehab. Our Neuro Rehab program is designed for people with diseases, injury, or disorders to the nervous system. Our goal through the rehabilitation process would be to improve the quality of life for our patients.  

What makes this Neuro Rehab unique?

We take pride in building a trusted group of practitioners, each person with unique skillsets. We also take pride in putting together cutting edge technology that has been proven effective in the rehabilitation process. This combination of tools will be the first of its kind in Canada. 

What are the tools?

BTS Nirvana

BTS Nirvana is a fully immersive, non invasive, virtual reality rehabilitation tool. We are the ONLY location in Canada that has this tool. 

Nirvana breaks the mold of the traditional rehabilitation process. The perfectly curated list of exercises and games create a much more fun and efficient rehabilitation process. 

Bioness L-300 Go

Bioness L-300 Go is Functional Electrical Stimulator (FES) intended for foot drops and thigh weakness. This device provides freedom and helps rehabilitate people recovering from stroke, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, or incomplete spinal cord injury. The 3D motion detection paired with the adaptive and learning algorithm, analyzes the gait pattern and applies stimulation when needed in order for the foot to clear the ground. 

Here is one of our clients using the Bioness L300 Go at our clinic. 

Saebo Rehabilitation products

Saebo is one of the industry leaders in Stroke rehabilitation tools. They have a wide array of tools that are specifically intended to aid in the rehabilitation process.

The Saebo tools that we have are:
  • SaeboStretch
  • SaeboMAS
  • SaeboGlove
  • SaeboFlex
  • Saebostim
  • SaeboSTIM Spa


SaeboMAS (Mobile Arm Support)

Above is a video of one of our clients utilizing the SaeboMAS for their stroke rehabilitation.




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